Honey Battle - Bears vs Bees


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"Beers now come flying from the sky"

  • Really fun
  • It gets pretty challenging
  • Still, not a very original game

protect the hive and shoot at the bears that are going to attack you

Honey Battle is a long known war that happens between Bears and Bees. Now, you're on Team Bees and you need to protect your hive so the bears don't get to the honey.

How? Simply shoot at them and aim correctly so you don't end up hurting one of your friends. The controls are easy to use (just tap on the direction you want watching out for they moves) and the design and animations are worthy enough, plus, the game is full of features and powerups as you keep on playing.

We enjoyed playing the game and we even got frustrated when the waved of bears kept on coming quickly and non-stop, hindering the gameplay and requiring that you pat more attention and work it out to get the final result and don't let the bears end with your hive.

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Nov 27, 2012

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