Laser Defense HD


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Laser Defense HD is highly addictive tower defense set in vector graphics

  • Lots of hex-based maps
  • 4 different tower types, 7 upgrade levels
  • 16 types of attacking units
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Highly addictive
  • Needs more tower types
  • Only one game mode

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"La Résistance"

Tower Defense games are addictive, no one can deny it. They don't even need outstanding graphics to make us enjoy to the fullest. If a TW features a wide variety of towers, a well-implemented upgrading system and a frantic pace, it can be good enough to stay with us for quite a long time. That seems to be Laser Defense HD case: set top-down minimalist vector graphics, it's perfect for those who appreciate playability over scenery.

Gameplay is similar to other titles of this genre: drag towers from the bottom and place them on free cells (always leave a path for the waves of enemies). Do it strategically though, the way you distribute the different types of towers and the upgrading rhythm can determine how long you last and, in consequence, your final score.

Of course, the goal is to avoid enemy units reaching the end of the path. The more units you destroy, the more saldo you get to purchase new units and upgrade them. You can also sell units and manage your resources at your own risk. The game's over when 10 enemy units reach the goal.

There are 30 different levels that will be unlocked as you reach the minimum required score in the previous level. In addition, it features 4 defense towers with 7 upgrade levels and 16 types of attacking units. I miss more different tower types though. That would make the game more difficult but also more challenging. If you find levels to easy, you can always adjust the difficulty from settings, as well as graphics quality. Controls are intuitive and responsive.

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Jul 29, 2013

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