Lost Marbles!

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    What are people saying about Lost Marbles ?! ..
    - "This is a classic for anyone to have in their game library!"
    - "I admit that before I played this, I wouldn't have looked for this type of game, but now I can't put it down!"
    - "..this game is simple straight forward fun. It drove me nuts at first, I definitely lost my marbles!! hahaha!"
    - "Thankfully there are easy levels for me to learn. I enjoy learning so I'll keep playing."

    Lost Marbles is a new twist on the old Labyrinth style of marble-table gameplay. In Lost can choose to either tilt your device to keep the marble on the path OR you can use the onscreen joypad to move the marble by touching the screen. It's tricky at first! Be prepared!

    There's 10 levels of great gameplay, easy, medimum, and hard. The game will keep track of how many wins you have for each level as well as the total of marbles you have lost!!

    ..and try not to lose your marbles!!! :D

    \\ how to play //
    At the start of a level, You can choose to tilt your device or use an on screen set of touchpads.
    The goal is to get your marble to the goal..which means staying on a tricky path that turns left and right as well as up and down! Lost Marbles is "on the edge of your seat" gameplay!