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Medieval Battlefields is a turn-based strategy game

  • Online mode
  • Cross-platform
  • Challenging
  • CPU AI
  • Graphics
  • Needs a tutorial

"Europe was built with blood"

There was a time when Vikings, French and English were disputing over Europe land. Medieval Battlefields is set in that moment. A turn-based game in which great strategist are the only with chances to take control of the territory.

Like other medieval-themed strategy game, users have to build those facilities that can help them to over their enemies: blacksmith, market, stables, academies, etc. Likewise, users have to create units of different kind: archers, knights or priest, and upgrade building and units in order to become a real continent power.

Graphics aren't stunning, it's true. However, you won't care: playability lies on its turn-based and upgrading system as well as on CPU AI. It's challenging from the very first try. However, the strength of this game is its cross-platform nature: it can be played on PC, Mac, iOS device anytime anywhere. This allows you to create teams with other players and fight against other teams. There are online leaderboards to show the world how good you (or your teams) are.

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