Monster Paradise - RPG


Monster Paradise - RPG's review

Monster Paradise merges RPG and trading card gameplay

  • Original game concept
  • 60 areas to explore, 180+ quests
  • Monsters fusion
  • Leveling up system
  • Graphics
  • Chaotic UI

"Monster-Human Alliance"

Humans and Monsters used to live peacefully helping each other until Dark Monsters rose up. From now, good monsters will have to bring forces together with human warriors in order to restore peace in Monster Paradise.

First step is selecting a character. There are six character to choose among (a male/female of each class). Classes are based on the element that characters master: fire, water and wind. Battle skills and the way to proceed will change depending on the class chosen.

Your peace-making mission will drive your through over 60 areas like dungeons, cliffs, castles and magic cities while trying to fulfill over 180 quests. However, you won't be alone: some good monsters will help you to achieve your goal. You will find them hidden or fight against them before "taming" them. Afterwards, you will be able to fusion monsters to level them up and make them evolve.

Your character will level up too by battling, collecting items and tablets to unlock legendary monsters and fulfilling quests. Upgrading is a must to defeat increasingly strong Dark monsters.

Graphics won't amaze you. Actually, it should be truly enhanced in this regard. In addition, UI is a bit chaotic and that affects global gameplay. Anyway, both storyline and game concept is attractive enough for fans of this genre. Recommendable.

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