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    Nuclear War's review

    Published: 2013-04-12, by Peter Warrior.

    A CCG set in a possible 3rd World War

    • Amount of players
    • All the usual flaws of the genre
    • Below average artwork

    "Shall we play a game?"

    Nuclear War is a collectible card game for mobile devices. Indeed, as other GameZen's games, we can say it's the standard CCG nowadays. These are good games, but they seem stuck on the same flaws over and over: the amount of permissions is unbearable and game's too static, with not even an intent of animation or something. On the other hand, the large amount of players should guarantee dynamic trading and player to player interaction.

    Likewise, the super-positive comments, every one with a code attached, which is indeed a usual strategy in the genre, is going to be considered a flaw soon, because it's hard to tell if there's actually any user complaining about the game in such a ocean of interested proneness to gratuitous high praise.

    Artwork isn't as good as similar games, quite disappointing for a trading card game. Therefore, a standard CC Game, there's no harm in it and even has a few innovative actions, but it isn't better than any of its competitors otherwise.

    Lastly, if you aren't into nuking and world conquering stuff, you can give a go to any other GameZen's game.

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