Nun Attack


Nun Attack's review

by Peter Warrior

An original and fun action defense-like game

  • Original and thrilling gameplay
  • Excellent design and user experience
  • Lack of customization options

"Heaven's a place on Earth"

This may be one of those rare cases in casual gaming wherein we have a good design, a good gameplay and even a plot. Perhaps it isn't an Oscar winning plot, but it works well as an introduction and puts you into the game.

Nun attack also combines different genres, mixing point-and-shoot with some tactical movements in what it seems a reboot of defense games. In addition, as every character has her own special abilities (let's call them "miracles") and there are Final-Fantasy like effects (namely poison, stun, charm...) it's strange that Frima Studio hasn't brag about RPG elements. Anyway, what matters is that gameplay is fun and there are a lot of levels to enjoy it.

Everything comes for a price, though. There isn't any Nun Attack free, trial or lite version (update 11/26/12: Nun Attack is for free). In exchange, you can omit in-app purchases as long as you don't want to take a shortcut to get the most powerful items. We'd like there were some customization option and any sort of cooperative playing via wifi or whatever, and more boss battles against more spectacular bosses, but it's a great game no matter how you look at it and we must congratulate its developer for it. So shall it be.

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Nov 26, 2012

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