Planet Defense




    Planet Defense is a highly addictive tower defense clone with a sophisticated upgrade and leveling system. The main goal is to place turrets and towers to fend off enemy waves and save the planet. Four types of rechargeable weapons, dealing heavy damage for a limited amount of time, further help to complete the mission. For destroying enemies, the player is rewarded with crystals which can in turn be spent on a huge variety of upgrades. Unlike traditional tower defense games, the upgrading and leveling system provides various means to improve towers and turrets, to weaken enemies, to influence item costs, etc., thus guaranteeing long-term fun!

    Zooming and scrolling is enabled for small devices. The game is optimized for tablets.

    - Free-To-Play (full game experience without any purchase!)
    - 31 different levels
    - Unlimited number of stages with increasingly harder enemies
    - 6 turrets (3 of which unlockable during gameplay)
    - 4 special rechargeable weapons
    - 3 towers
    - Support for up to 6 profiles
    - Quick-game mode
    - Campaign mode
    - Sophisticated upgrade system (fire rate, damage, range, cost, enemy speed, enemy strength, tower effectiveness, and many many more)
    - Zooming and scrolling (two fingers) for small devices

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