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Radiant Defense is a tower defense game set in the radiant universe

  • Weaponry upgrading system
  • Lots of weapons and modules
  • Lots of levels
  • Entertaining
  • Graphics
  • Nothing special

"Alien invasion: organize la Résistance"

If you've ever played other Hexage Ltd games (like Radiant), you already know about Radiant universe: a peculiar glowed graphics and game pace. In Radiant Defense, they've let away pixelated graphics but they've kept lasers and futuristic technology, and of course, alien-invasion theme.

Radiant Defense starring human army commander managing military resources to face hordes of aliens. Thus, your goal is to place (strategically) weapons and modules along the level. If the aliens reach you, you're done: kill them all before they get your position.

Tower defense games aren't worth without a respectable weaponry upgrading system: there are lots of weapons, modules to change aliens direction and many other resources. These upgrades are necessary since complexity increases gradually. However, getting them are not such easy: you'll earn credits as you beat levels and depending on your performance. Economizing resources, being efficient in each level and placing weapons strategically are must-haves to level up.

Entertaining and challenging. What else? Recommendable.

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