Soldiers of Glory: Modern War


Soldiers of Glory: Modern War's review


SoG: Modern War is an original tower defense game

  • Amount of units, weapons and maps
  • Upgrade system
  • Innovative battle mode
  • Pop-up ads


Unlike other tower defense games, in Soldiers of Glory towers and enemies can attack each other. This means that, beside creating and upgrading your turrets, you’ll have to repair them and place them strategically, taking into account that you’ll be attacked too. I would call these an action tower-defense.

There are three game modes: “Normal” mode which drives you different mission “days” that consist of facing a given amount of enemies’ waves; “Endless” and “Battle Mode” where enemies will attack the towers, as I mentioned above.

Thus, three different game modes and three difficulty modes, lots of turrets kind and units as well as dozens of maps. I like that touch of RPG-like upgrade system that makes the game way more challenging.

Graphics are good, specially regarding special attacks effects. That’s not the most important thing on tower defense, isn’t it? It’s easy it to get the hang of controls. Anyway, a tutorial will guide you step-by-step first time you launch the game. Highly recommendable.

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