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Soldiers of Glory: WW2 is an full of action tower defense

  • Lots of units
  • Different game modes
  • Upgrade system
  • Special attacks
  • Nothing special

"It's time to make history"

Soldiers of Glory brings you to WW2, when Nazis were controlling part of Europe. You've got to Europe to support occupied countries and free them from Hitler's menace.

Soldiers of Glory features classic tower defense gameplay: place turrets on the battlefield and be ready to face hordes of enemies trying to overtake your towers and to reach your headquarters. They won't achieve it if you're efficient on using your resources to place new towers and upgrade them. You'll get more coins for destroying enemies units. Re-invest it properly or you won't be able to bear next wave.

In addition, there's a "air forces" special attack that can be used every 5 minutes (real-time) and that will help you take off some stress on your land units.

There are up to three different game modes: Normal (campaign, with some lives to play), Endless mode and Singlelife (if a single unit overtakes your defense, you're done). Likewise, there are three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. The latter is Singlelife is just insane.

Lots of units and weaponry, special attacks, upgrade system and quite good graphics. Highly recommendable.

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