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Templar Assault RPG Elite

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"Templar Knights to conquer the galaxy"

Reviewed by / Jun 25, 2012

Templar Assault is a turn-based space-themed RPG

Pro version is ads-free.

You command a squad of Templar Knights who travel across the galaxy fighting Aliens. It reminds Star Traders RPG: if you've ever played it, you already know gameplay and style.

Gameplay is quite simple: you advance through different stages which are like grid-like mazes killing xenos and pirates, grabbin items and completing quests. After each level you gain resources that you will have to invest to improve your skills, weaponry and equipment. This is the only way to beat levels of increasing complexity.

There are different difficulty levels each of them with different conditions to gain XP and resources, as well as some trading limitations. We recommend you to follow the tutorial, which will help to get the hang of it faster. Likewise, you can manage yoru squad at your whim.

Graphics are simple: eyebird view, simple textures and moves. Controls are easy: tap to move, tap to attack, and tap to select the unit and pass.

Not the most amazing game regarding graphics, quite addictive though if you're really into this turn-based RPG which remain strategy board games. Good.

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Developer's original description available here
Command your elite squad of Templar Knights in close-quarters tactical combat against the terror of the alien. Fighting in the tight spaces of starcraft, ancient mines, forgotten temples, and derelict space ships your Templars will face aliens, xenoforms, forgotten evils, ancient constructs, pirates and mad cultists.

Play the free RPG named "Templar Assault RPG" and enjoy hours of turn-based strategy before you upgrade to Templar Assault Elite. Trese Brothers never runs ads in our games -- enjoy an ad free, permission free experience!

Templar Assault is a turn-based strategy RPG which pits the venerable and mighty warriors of the Templar Order against the destructive forces of the Star Traders Quadrant. Build, equip, and control you Templar squad on the field of battle as you face aliens, xenoform, forgotten evils, pirates and heretics.

In this sci-fi tactical role playing game (RPG), you maneuver your indomitable but cumbersome warriors through tight spaces aboard starcraft, on the surface of planets, and in deep and ancient mines and temples. While protected by the mighty Templar armor, and wielding the destructive powers of the Leviathan weaponry, you must coordinate and command your warriors with skill to survive the horrendous forces of evil.

Templar Assault takes inspiration from Star Traders RPG, and the Aliens films, to produces a high-tension tactics game that requires a unique level of focus and skill. Your Templar Knights are a tight knit team of warriors capable of combat in any environment -- however, their enemies are dire and mighty and only by working together and with strategic unison can they prevail. Fans of classic retro RPGs such as XCOM and Space Hulk enjoy Templar Assault Elite.

Our development team is actively continuing development and updates of this indie RPG and we are very receptive to feedback and suggestions. Please email us!

As a Templar captain in this strategy RPG you will:
- Face hours of high-tension combat across many campaigns (43 levels in Templar Assault free)
- Deploy specialized soldiers -- the Hydra flamer, Neptune heavy gunner, and the melee berserker
- Battle against xenos forms, aliens, spawning egg-sacks, ancient evils, pirates and heretics!
- Use the vast armory of Templar arms and armor and special item upgrades
- Train each of your Templar soldiers as they gain experience from level to level to increase their prowess

Experience the Elite Upgrade: Epic new content include 57 Elite-only levels, more Skirmish levels, more enemy types, and over 45 new types of deadly weapons and mighty armors! Burn your retribution into the Quadrant as an Elite Templar commander.

This epic tactical space RPG is a hit with fans of strategy games, action RPG, tactics games, chess, adventure RPG, Star Wars, Firefly, Serenity and Battlestar Galatica. Previous players of Mech Warrior will appreciate the old school styling and deep game play. Read over the comments to see Templar Assault hailed as one of the best RPGs on Android!

Templar Assault was rated as one of the most hardcore and best RPGs of 2013 by HardcoreDroid.com!

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v2.0.3 - 4/12/2014
- Balancing Alien AI Movement Points
- Fixed maximums in XP spending helper text
- Fixed Dagger Class briefing map
- Fixed Narvidian Cult victory trigger & briefing map
- Fixed Reported Crashes

v2.0.1 - 4/9/2014
- New: Adaptive Difficulty for Free/Elite
- Over 720 New Alien AI Levels Added!
- Elite: New 'Unlock All' IAP ($4.99)
- Elite: Recruit Veteran (6XP) Knights (1000 Prestige)

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Comments and ratings for Templar Assault RPG Elite
  • (77)

    by David Davis on 11/04/2014


  • (77)

    by Andrew Moore on 10/04/2014

    While it shares a similar theme to space hulk, it is a truly unique game. Also, it isn't a collectable $300 boardgame or a mediocre adaptation for PC. I would happily pay $10-20 to get this on steam. Mechanically well done, more content being added, no pe

  • (77)

    by Frank Swannack on 29/03/2014

    Addictive strategy game that encourages the player to build an elite squad through numerous battles. The various enemies are unrelenting, and there's plenty of items to use. A must for fans of tactical games.

  • (77)

    by Calvin Clary on 27/03/2014

    Couple of issues: 1. I'm a bit color blind and find it very difficult to see the lighter colored action points (I think they're light blue). 2. It's too easy to accidentally make a move. I think a move should only register if you click a square with a mo

  • (77)

    by Bálint Kajtor on 26/03/2014

    Do not fear our enemy! They are an abomination!

  • (77)

    by Jarred Nemorin on 26/03/2014

    Idk if anyone else has this problem, but is the limit only 4 templers for every mission? I brought the eilte version of this game thinking that I can have more then 4 soldiers for every mission. Until someone or something tells me of how to fix this probl

  • (77)

    by Scotty Fitz on 20/03/2014