Throne Rush


Throne Rush's review


A castle defense game with basic elements and gameplay mechanics

  • Fun Pirate Tournament
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Quick load times
  • Constantly under attack
  • Poorly designed user interface
  • Missing coinage

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"Prepare Yourself For The Hordes"


Throne Rush is a castle defense game with a super-fast pace. Get ready to be attacked immediately and constantly. Keep your walls built up and make sure you pay close attention because you could lose it all at a moment's notice.


The Throne Rush Pirate Tournament is fun and engaging. The mechanics of gameplay make for a frenetic pace, if that's what you are looking for. Load up times were quick and the graphics are reasonable for this type of game. The audio and sound effects also complimented gameplay well.


You are under near constant attack and can only build one building at a time. The user interface could be designed a little better. There may be a problem with missing coinage. Regular gameplay can get frustrating when buildings are destroyed in hour absence.

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by William

Jul 24, 2015

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