War Worlds

War Worlds

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FREE SPACE-BASED MMO - eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate!

WAR WORLDS IS CURRENTLY IN BETA -- there will be bugs, there will be new features added all the time. Get in now to have a say in the development of this exciting new MMO! We take every bug report and feature request seriously! Please make sure you use the "Report" function on any crash reports so that we can get a notification and debug your issue. If you have any other issues to report, shake your phone to send us a screenshot.

This game is true free-to-play. In-app purchases help the developer, but only affect cosmetic features (rename your stars, give your empire a funky shield image, and so on). NO PAY-TO-WIN!

In this space-based 4X MMO, you will explore an infinite universe, colonize worlds, harvest alien artefacts, raise an army and conquer your enemies! War Worlds is a multiplayer 4X game set in an infinite universe. From your home world, the universe is your oyster as you explore, expand, exploit and exterminate anyone who stands in the way of your ever-expanding empire!

If you've played Master of Orion before, then you'll know the drill: you choose how you want to build your empire: conquest, diplomacy, trade, all are possible in this open-ended game.


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Recently changed in this version

0.5.830 - Big update to solar system view, pull drawer from left to switch between planets.
0.4.786 - More crash fixes.
0.4.784 - Continuing our theme of crash fixes
0.4.783 - Fixed insta-crash on startup
0.4.782 - Still more crash fixes!
0.4.770 - More crash fixes!
0.4.769 - Fixes a common crash on the starfield screen, plus a few other crashes
0.4.768 - Tax is collected automatically now
0.4.767 - Profanity filter added
0.4.764 - Minor bug fixes

Comments and ratings for War Worlds
  • (56 stars)

    by Dalton Reiss on 03/07/2014

    And you should make another game like Master of Orion that isn't MMO only

  • (56 stars)

    by Nathan Stephenson on 24/06/2014

    I love this type of game, but I've been having some issues. It crashes when I open the game from a notification. Also I sent some scouts to an adjacent system and now I have no way to move them again... It would be nice if there was a report button in the game to pass on these issues when I find them.

  • (56 stars)

    by forrest B on 23/06/2014

    Wish there was a way to make a list of certain planets from all star systems so I can regulate building easier than having to go through every single system that is either colonized or just has ships on it..... Need a separate list for planets that are completely set up and working, and another list for planets in the process of being attacked/ colonized. Would also like an on/off button for the

  • (56 stars)

    by Loki Kismet on 19/06/2014

    Unlike some others I can read and not only that, I know what the word beta means. I like the fact that this game is very open. Dont change that fact :-)

  • (56 stars)

    by Karl Philipp on 18/06/2014

    Despite any bugs!

  • (56 stars)

    by Royal Davj on 18/06/2014

    Love the game

  • (56 stars)

    by John Richards on 12/06/2014

    This one is worth paying for if your into strategy games