90's Pop Culture



Pop Culture in the 90’s exploded in style with influence from around the world. It seems like only yesterday that flannel was the attire of choice amongst the discerning fashionistas and a certain smooth-talking southern charmer roamed the halls of the White House. Toys and entertainment from Japan such as the Tamagotchi and Dragonball Z became the new fad while America introduced the world to the rising fame of sport stars like Michael Jordan and the sounds of Rap, Hip Hop and Grunge.

Relive the fashion, sounds, films, sports, politics, trends, and attitudes. As world culture continues to expand with the public used of the Internet, the World Wide Web became a source for people to communicate and share; it is truly the beginning to a new era.

It's hard to believe so much excitement took place all in one decade, play 90’s Pop Culture and tests your knowledge of the last decade of the millennium and relive the fun!

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