Cranium Crack Trivia



From the makers of 'The Adventures of Señor Gato' and 'Ghetto Jetpack' comes Cranium Crack Trivia.

Don't let the timer run out on this epic trivia quiz game or you may crack your brain!

You are given 3 chances to answer the trivia quiz questions before the time runs out. Don't crack your brain on this trivia quiz game!

You will be asked a trivia quiz question from one of these categories - Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and General Knowledge.

The faster you answer the trivia quiz question, the more points you will accumulate.

Finish the trivia quiz game for a special appearance by Senor Gato. What is he going to do? What will he crack?

Game Features include:

- Fun Trivia Questions
- Easy Gameplay
- Great Looking Graphics
- Funny Theme

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