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Interpret emoji icons to guess the phrase

  • Everyone loves emoji
  • Some answers are rather clever
  • Settings include 15 different languages
  • Some answers are too far-fetched
  • Pop up ads extremely annoying

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"Everyone loves emoji"

The set of Japanese icons known as emoji have taken the smiley world by storm. No longer is a mere "XD" deemed sufficient to express the ineffable bits of your digital message. No, today's high-tech users demand a practical army of face, animal, food, transportation, flag, hobby, and, of course, inexplicable Japanese miscellany icons. And everyone knows that the best part of emoji is their ability to be combined ad infinitum to suggest new meaning, which is exactly what the EmojiNation app plays to in its puzzle game.

The interface couldn't be simpler. Check out the combination of emoji atop the screen, and use your brightest brainpower to interpret the symbols into a legitimate phrase. The alphabet soup below contains the scrambled answer, so place the correct letters into the slots to solve each puzzle.

For this linguist, one particularly cool aspect of the app is its integration with fifteen different languages. Fifteen! For monolingual users, this may not be much of a draw, but polyglots will be able to access at least twice the puzzle experience.

Unfortunately, there are several major issues that keep extended play of this app from being very appealing. The biggest problem is the pop-up adds that instruct you to ask your friends through social media if you're stuck, which the app decides you must be if you've idled for more than five seconds. It's distracting overkill, and certainly not conducive to thinking at length about the puzzles. Another sticking point is some of the puzzle content - some of it is either laughably simplistic or way too far-fetched.

Still, CloudTeam's EmojiNation is a jolly little jaunt if you enjoy playing around with the relationship between words and their pictorial representation, or for anyone who really likes the see-no-evil monkey emoji.

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