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◆ ◆ ◆ 's ant! 100 000 times memory! ◆ ◆ ◆
"Fresh! Aribia and I "
"That's Ali!" 100,000 total breakthrough! There rattan cheer Ali!
The item for free ♪ update to Memorial

3nd Arivia series is now available! !
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Killing time is possible always at free time.
Trivia can be collected observing an ant. A new feeling breeding game is an appearance!

"Arivia" loves trivia, such as general knowledge and bits of knowledge. They are slightly strange and pretty ants.
It is a game which helps favorite trivia collection, observing such "Arivia".
Commuting time, commuting time to school, break time, etc. At such little time, Please play this game to kill time.
Playing relaxedly, interesting trivia are also obtained and are perfect for the material of conversation.
Let's discover new trivia together with comical "Arivia"!

[How to play]
Basic operation is very easy! You only observe "Arivia".
If you leave ant alone, "Arivia" will collect the sweets and trivia which fall to a screen.
The motivation of "Arivia" can raise by touching a motivation button.
Moreover, they can move sweets by touching and catching "Arivia" to the position which can be carried easily.
By carrying out their help, trivia can be collected efficiently.

The kind of ant beer is 56 kinds at all!
Let's find all trivia & "Arivia"!

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