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    Pit your general knowledge against your friends – try Quiz Battle, the new trivia-strategy game from Science Illustrated. Challenge your friends or a random opponent on 10 different boards. Answer questions from six categories.

    Questions are categorized as such:
    • Geography
    • History
    • Sport & leisure
    • Science & nature
    • Entertainment
    • Art & literature

    Note: You may use your user-ID from to play.

    Switch between Android, iPhone, iPad to play. (PC and Mac play available late 2012.)

    Science Illustrated Quiz Battle is easy to learn but difficult to master. Answer questions as you move across the board and try to prevent your opponent from reaching the star in the middle. The board contains bonus spaces, some of which relate to a specific category, where you may combine questions to obtain extra points. The player, who has the most points, when the star in the middle of the board is reached, wins the game.

    About the game:
    • Play with a friend or a random opponent.
    • More than 6000 questions.
    • Six categories of general knowledge.
    • Use knowledge, sneaky tricks and strategy to win.
    • Play against several opponents simultaneously.
    • Several different quiz boards with diverse strategies (you get one board free).
    • Swap questions, if you favour certain categories.

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