State Quiz



Can you identify the state by name? Do you know all your States and Capitals? Test your knowledge of the States with this great quiz game for all ages. Learn the States as you play. Keep Score on how well you know your states.

Choose from 5 different categories:

* State Names - Try to associate a picture of the State with its name.
* State Capitals - Match the Capital to the correct state
* State Birds - Match the bird to the correct state
* State Flowers - Match the flower to the correct state
* State Nicknames - Match the nickname to the correct state

You can choose from 3 different game types:

* Choose the correct state from 4 different pictures.
* Choose the correct state clue from the picture.
* Flashcards - View different pictures of states to help you at identifying states.

The score is based on the number of questions, the percent answered correct, and the time it takes to complete the quiz.

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