Crosswords II



Not for dummies - Has over 2070 free crossword puzzles in a mix of easy, quick and cryptic.

1746 13 x 13 puzzles
332 15 x 15 puzzles

15 x 15 puzzles might be a bit small on phones, but they fit nicely on tablets.

61 Easy crossword puzzles (mostly rubbish)
1092 Quick crossword puzzles
925 Cryptic crossword puzzles

* Reveal letter for current block.
* Reveal word for current clue.
* Reveal entire crossword.
* Check your answer for the current block.
* Check your answer for the current clue.
* Check your answers for the entire crossword.
* (correct blocks show a green check mark, incorrect blocks show a red X mark).
* Tap a clue to find the related blocks.
* Tap a block to find the related clue.
* Crossword grid can be zoomed and dragged.
* Find matching words and automatically insert your selection into the puzzle.
* Answered clues are crossed out (being crossed out does NOT mean that your answer is correct).
* Cloud storage, to easily work on a single crossword on different Android devices.
* Customise some of the colours used by the app.
* Use a small grid to make more space for clues on devices with a squarish form factor.
* Set the clue number size to small, medium or large.
* Blah blah blah! Lots of other stuff.

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