Dubsmash Words




    Now it's time to prick up your ears!
    Only the most eloquent listener can survive in this dubsmashing puzzle and guess all 100 translated words.
    The only clue is a noise! So listen closely and ask your friends and family when you get stuck.
    There will surely be someone who can identify and place the noise and thereby provide the decisive clue.

    And once you get really stuck, then I'll display a picture as a clue, remove letters falsely placed or place searched letters corrrectly.

    This entertaining free word game does more than many other word games or word dubsmashing puzzle apps, because it enables experienced puzzlers or advanced mental athletes also to improve their vocabulary knowledge in nine languages (German, Turkish, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Swedish)

    Right at the start, you hear a sound.
    The only clues you have are the sound, which you can listen to again at any time; the number of letters in the word you’re looking for in the chosen language; and fourteen visible letters, some of which unfortunately don’t appear in that target word.
    So now you have to rack your brains, reflect, listen, try or ask your friends. And if you are still stuck, there are three help functions that you can use.

    The green button on the left will immediately reveal one random letter of the target word and mark it straightaway as correctly placed dubsmash.

    On the right you’ll find a red button. This one removes from the letters at the bottom waiting to be selected any which are wrong or not needed, thus making it much easier to guess.

    But sometimes it can also help to see a picture that matches the sound. This can often give a very good hint at the target word. The picture that matches the sound is partly visible in the top right-hand corner and can be completely revealed by clicking on the hovering question mark. But beware: this will cost you a lot of coins.

    Whenever you solve a puzzle you will get a reward of one coin for each letter of the target word. You can use these coins to fund the help functions described above. You see, they don’t come free! If puzzle help was free, the game would be no fun, or it would be far too easy. So use the functions wisely.

    If ever you are broke and then simply fail to get a target word after hearing the sound, our capitalist world does of course still give you the option of purchasing extra coins, which also rewards the poor app developer somewhat for his time and effort.

    So if you like word games, riddles, picture puzzles or word puzzles, and are experienced enough to recognise any sound, then “1 Sound1 Word” is just the right app for you.

    Do you have the superhuman ears that are needed to survive in this puzzle?

    - Each searched word has a noise and possibly a picture as a clue
    - Simple and beautiful user interface
    - Play with your friends or family
    - Dubsmash
    - 100 puzzles await you
    - Help when you get stuck

    Have a lot of fun!

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