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Silly duck word

Word puzzle game . Players need to share a word or a sentence to a term proposition , but it may also be a barrier .
The brain game tournament intellectual meditation thinking and judging the probability of the threat , but it is a letter to the insertion of the Roe v. aphorisms and proverbs terms as well.
Techniques in play. See a problem . But I bring it to the level defined already fixed and the proceeds will be made when the level was gone . The proceeds were only 35 gold I think using a letter keys are exposed to both placebo and the correct combination of keys to pretend I 'm touched to be random . To increase the difficulty of playing .
The highest level is now 130 + and also the updated version to all my bungalow .
Tua has a new supporting four causes that help together.
One answer one letter.
The cut off value .
The switch on the fly .
Brian shared fifth phase .

Game size less than 2MB.
Graphic blue.

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