Learn English Japanese Words




    Learn Japanese the easy way!

    The purpose of the game is to match English words with their Japanese equivalents. Drag one word above its match to make a pair disappear. The game is won when all words are gone. The more you practice the more Japanese words you'll understand.


    ✓ 8571 word pairs
    ✓ intuitive gameplay
    ✓ daily/monthly/all time highscores
    ✓ gaming badges
    ✓ progress tracking

    TIP #1

    When you drag one word above another, if those words match, in one second their borders will turn green.

    TIP #2

    You can find out the exact number of words covered by clicking on the progress bar in the main menu.

    TIP #3

    You can see your achievements by clicking on the badge next to the progress bar in the main menu.

    TIP #4

    If you want to see the progress you have made in one day, just switch from All Time to This Day.

    TIP #5

    Resetting the highscores will only clear your score history.

    TIP #6

    If you want to clear your badge history, you can do so when you clear the highscores by selecting the Clear badges option.

    TIP #7

    To pause the game just enter the main menu.

    TIP #8

    If you don't match the words right, you get a 5 seconds time penalty.

    TIP #9

    Additionally, if you mismatch a pair of words, that pair is deleted from your progress.

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