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Do you like scrabble? Crazy about word games? Then you are going to love this app.
Word Bingo - Free is a fun, challenging word-guessing game.

The aim of this game is to find hidden words. Type in letters from keypad (at the bottom of the screen) to enter a word. The letters turn green, red, yellow or grey as you enter a word. Green indicates correct letter at the right position. Yellow indicates a correct letter but at wrong position. Red indicates a wrong letter and grey indicates an invalid word.
Be quick as you only have limited time and use "Hint" if you are stuck. Sounds like an easy job? Try harder levels and packs. There are 540 different games in this free version and more will be added soon. So enjoy and stay tuned!

There are two modes: Classic and Finals. In Classic mode, practice with lots of different levels and prepare yourself for Finals. In Finals mode, guess as many words as you can in 2 minutes 30 seconds. Then draw balls to achieve Bingo!

In Finals mode, every game you play costs 1000 points. If you achieve Bingo, you get 1000 points for each word you guess. If you don't achieve Bingo then you get 100 points for each word you guess. Tonbegin with, you get 100000 points to play. You can buy more points if you run out of them.

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