Word Slice




    Waiting in Line? Need to kill the last 2 minutes until you get to the counter? Well, here's a solution for you!

    Word Slice is a highly addictive word game. It's a two-minute tournament where you compete against everyone else on the same board, at the same time, anytime.

    Interested? Here's a quick how-to-play:
    You are given a 4x4 grid of letters. Your objective is to find words in the grid by joining adjacent letters. It's that simple. Each word carries a score and at the end, your scores are tallied and displayed along with scores from others all over the world. You get a rank as well as a percentile to see how well you did.

    Battle it out to become the top player in the word!

    Each board is unique and is guaranteed to have at least one common word greater than or equal to 12 characters in length. In addition, there will be a minimum of 120 common words in each board. This makes sure that irrespective of your experience, you will be able to find words and have fun, not sit idly because you can't see any words.

    You can choose to go for the top-score longest word, earn scoring bonuses by finding other long words or even try to find the most words possible!. How you play and choose to compete is up to you!

    Real-time results include words you found and missed - both common and obscure, words found per second, average word score, and average word length. In addition, you also can view how a word can be made on the grid by just tapping on it. Or you can tap a letter in the grid to view all possible words that can be made with that letter.

    Everyone plays the same board, see how you rank.
    What's more is that you can, at any time, see a live status of the current ranking of players based on any category you want !

    If you enjoy playing word games such as wordament , wordathon , wordhero , word ruggle , words with friends among others, you will definitely love this game!

    Will you be the champion? Download now to find out!

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