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NEW! AUTO-IMPORT letters automatically from a screenshot of your Word Chums game! We plan to add importing for other games soon.

SEE EVERY PLAYABLE ENGLISH WORD on a FULL BOARD for YOUR word game, as if through an expert's eyes. Use it after each turn to see how you might have done better. Supports Words With Friends + 10 other games.

For a FREE, FULL-FEATURED, ZERO ADS, 14-DAY TRIAL that includes EVERY feature of this app, install our Words Solver 4 Friends + Ten FREE TRIAL app.

Black box cheat apps can crank out a few high-scoring words, but cheats don't provide any real insight into your game. By contrast, this helper finds and shows, on a full game board, EVERY WORD you could have played from your game's rack, best words first, and then LIGHTS UP the BEST spots "like the eyes of an expert"℠ with its color-coded "Heat Map" feature.

After importing (if playing Word Chums) or typing in your board and rack letters, look at your board's "hot" spots, and use our "Presto"℠ feature to LONG-PRESS ANY SQUARE and see (just as an expert would) the ACTUAL WORDS you might have played to COVER it! Were you trying to reach a triple word square? Find out if some word could have stretched to it by a glance at the heat map, and then just LONG-PRESS the square to show that word on the board!

How well did you do in "balancing" your rack?  Was there a blank or an S that you wanted to save for a future turn?  With our "Rack Brain"℠ feature, just LONG-PRESS that "S" tile on your rack to see all playable words that DON'T require it.  Or, if there were three "I" tiles, just long-press two of them twice to view all words that would DUMP them both!


This helper finds words for English versions of Word Chums, Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordfeud, Wordsmith, Aworded, Words by Post, Lexulous, Wordosaur, Wordscraper, Literati, and more (we have no connection with the makers of these games). As Android's most comprehensive word finder, it can search using a Word Chums, TWL, SOWPODS 2012, SOWPODS, OSPD4, WWF (updated to track the Words With Friends dictionary), YAWL or ENABLE word list, plus an exclusive COMMON list of words in general use (you won't find "ACANTHOCEPHALAN" there!).

If you cheat, you won't learn, so play each turn on your own, then go to FullBoard and import (if playing Word Chums) or tap your game's latest words onto the helper's board and rack using any keyboard you like (soft, slide-out or EXTERNAL). Playable words appear and update on your full game board as if by magic as you are typing - "you don't even have to ask!"℠ The highest-rated word appears first, and you can view additional words without ever leaving the screen where you entered your letters. It's like having a spreadsheet for words!

When entering manually (rather than importing a screenshot), assign a name to save a game in progress, then reload it when you're ready to play again, so you'll never have to enter more than the words from your most recent turn. Even outside of Android, you can input games that you're playing on your PC, or with real-world friends on your kitchen table (no Internet required!).

Besides its unmatched ability as a full game board analyst and instructor, FullBoard is loaded with extras.  The app's SINGLE ROW word builder finds ANAGRAMs, hook words and more!   The CHECK WORD field can tell you AS YOU TYPE INTO IT if the letters you have entered are a word in the selected dictionary.  The Play button moves a solution word from the finder's rack to its board.  The Def button shows a definition.

We feel confident that you will be amazed and pleased with the insights you gain by viewing your games with this helper. To see for yourself, please download our Words Solver 4 Friends + Ten app for a 14-day FREE TRIAL!

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