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sexy hot Hamasaki Ayumi Wallpa


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This my unique function: Selection Center have portrait set so Cantonese is no mobile phone 's wallpaper, Preservation Center have 's portrait at Cantonese is no mobile phone 's have an have

Hamazaki Ayumi ( saki Creek late ( no it while also Connecticut carbonate. ) ", Japan 's famous Cantonese pop music 's female singer, Yuan center of, suitable for. Name saki footwork, Creek music have class 's female singers from, 's popular later, Japanese singer popular leader. From 1999 to 2000 time mat roll so today 's ma de music circles, Kuraki Mai and Utada Hikaru suitable for Japan's big three Gezhen and on ~ te, heisei. Several 's have landed ~ te an 1 and Cantonese, this masterpiece 'M', ' A Song For XX ", " Dearest " cantonese. Nickname " is starting at carbonate ", "Ayu". The firm: " avex Management ( test 's roster of center of Ma and have clubs ( ) " and "avex Trax ( test roster of ( panel (2009) .". In August 8, 2012, set "A SUMMER BEST.".

People 's general

Bang Kawasaki late recognized 's mat roll so popular, 90 time end date / 2000 nowの world 's music industry 's song and callれfrom the song 's representative on the ~ te, and the Cantonese Community 's have an have. So avant-garde test center 's suitable for an and a plurality of influence: 's music world, so get on 100 's have level awards! Bang Kawasaki late 's song 's yo u deep carbonate on heart 's mirror and Kazuki 's life attitude ~ Te: Test Method and so Yu also: starting so late carbonate 's show starting is. If the person and modern 's total sense, on have had no feet and insist on self 's words more ~ te, Japan " for ten years and itれfrom Jane on it as the most ". 2000: CREA items, from so ~ te, early on as ~ te.

Music music production outside attend also from, Hamazaki late test music 's " have 's project, at the same time, an have color on top 's claw, big test test, handle starting 's and callれ, Japan 's popular cult to meter at wind so popular. From starting position so important ~ te, it held from kinds of it have made certain ~ Te: 's status and influence. She also made: 1 's 's pronoun. On 2004 retirement is to reward selection also ~ te.

Bang Kawasaki late 1998: suitable for "poker face " into the music, the song 's lyrics since official things: Kanojo 's independence also from so. Very personal 's song: as the ~ te, Kazuki: famous for a before starting. She works at the lyrics and music, published by this carbonate less starting starting it. こ れ's works at Japan 's record update from multiple carbonate so maintained on it from the ~ te. Clot: women hold up so continuous winning record 's suitable for security, each starting so young and carbonate 1 's Mada is suitable for: suitable for first climb from.

In 2006, she made history: Japan 's highest female singer, statistical 2012 August March Creek late works from an at Japan 's together from 50000000 so super, Japan 's female singer 's. Clot: Japan 's music 's influence so an times magazine and Kazuki: Japan 's popular music: music 's future, know Connecticutれ: Heisei 's most represents the starting Gezhen!

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