80s Cartoon Ringtones



Remember those amazing cartoons from the 80s? They just don't make them like that anymore!

Here are 18 of the best themes, settable as either ringtone or notification.

Press to play and long press to set as ringtone or notfication.

Excellent sound quality.


* Bananaman

* Batfink

* Cities Of Gold

* Dangermouse

* Defenders Of The Earth

* Dungeons & Dragons

* Gobots

* He-Man

* Inspector Gadget

* Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors


* Pigeon Street

* Stop The Pigeon

* The Pink Panther

* The Raccoons

* Thundercats

* Transformers

* Ulysses 31

Any suggestions are welcome.

Any problems please email for a fix.

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