Comedy FX Soundboard



What do the best jokes and the worst have in common? Both can benefit from the hilarious audio reactions that Comedy FX Soundboard offers.

Included are two dozen funny sounds easily accessible in both landscape and portrait modes. Your favorites can be sent to the top of the list for quick laughs on demand. The finest hosts in the fields of podcasting and morning talk radio have paid big bucks for boards as good as this one, but you're far too smart for that.

Cue crickets or a sad trombone after a joke falls flat. Feign sympathy with sad piano music. Keep a rimshot or golf clap on standby for punchlines that deliver. And in tense moments of anticipation, a drum roll is at the ready.

Board entries also serve as funny ringtones for your device. Just long press a sound and confirm to use it as a default notification tone. Doing so will also add the sound to the list of available ringtones on most smartphones. Please note that this feature accounts for many of the app's lower-level permission requirements.

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