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This is a UCCW Skin based on Cards UI theme. See the screenshots and read the description. This skin comes with an installer, please read further to understand how to install it using the installer.

Required to use these widgets:

Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW) (free app, get it by searching on Google Play)
And I also recommend you to use a launcher that allows you to re-size widgets.

How to install:

Make sure 'Unknown sources' is checked in Settings > Applications (for Android 4.0+ go to: Settings > Security)
1. This UCCW Skin comes with an installer. After downloading UCCW and this skin, open the app (this skin)
2. Click 'Install Skin' button below the icon.
3. When asked to replace the app, click 'OK' and proceed with installation.
4. The skin will be installed and it will replace the installer.

How to place the widget:

1. After installation, place a UCCW Widget on the screen from your list of widgets.
2. A panel with a complete list of all UCCW Widgets will appear.
Note: Skins downloaded from Play Store will be shown only here.
3. Click on the widget you want to place on the screen from this list.

How to edit:

1. Make sure hotspot mode is OFF in UCCW settings. (Open UCCW > Menu > Lock Widgets (Hotspot mode) > select OFF). UCCW will exit.
2. Tap the widget that you want to edit on the homescreen.
3. From the list shown, edit whatever you want and again enable hotspot mode. UCCW will exit and changes will appear on the widget.

Do explore UCCW settings and customize the stuff there that you need like temperature units, location options, etc.
(Open UCCW > press menu button > Settings)


To get the 5 day weather forecast, in the 4x2 weather widget, you will have to use Open Weather Map as the weather service provider. Choose it from UCCW Settings (Open UCCW > press menu button > Settings)

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