Daily Purpose App



“Daily Purpose App” is a light weight multipurpose app. The app brings together the precise information that is required on daily basis under one hood.

App Features:

1. Current Location (Get and Share)
Say, you get a call and the caller is asking for your current address or you are driving a car and you need to let know your current location to your friend who is waiting for you. This feature would not only enable you to quickly get your location and address but also makes sharing of this information very easy via SMS and/or Email. Thus benefiting you by avoiding the trouble of figuring out location and composing message, and to your friend as your response is quick enough.

2. Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI)
“Today I weighed myself but am not sure how much should be my ideal weight. Do I need to work out more? Or, are the things cool so that I can enjoy my pizzas ;) ?”. Are you in such a dilemma? BMI is the answer to this. This feature does three things; first it calculates your BMI. Second, it tells you if you are underweight, normal, overweight , obese. Thirdly, it would tell ideal weight range as per your height. This would help you to plan your exercise and make you set weight target.

3. Horoscope
Receive daily updated horoscope feed. The information provided is precise enough. Why do we need an independent app with bombastic information when we just need to know the prediction for the day?

4. Quotes of the day (Get and Share)
Receive daily feed of the great quotes said by great people. Liked a quote? You can share the quote with your friends/family via SMS/Email just by clicking the button below the quote.

5. Weather Information
Know the current weather condition and also the forecast for next 5 days for your current location.

6. Word Meaning
Stuck with some word? Provide the “word” and get the meaning and other relevant information associated with the word.

7. Mobile Number Information (Only for India)
“I got a crank call. I need to know more information about the caller and the location”. “I missed the call, is this number of my old pal? I need to know the location so that it would be easier for me to figure-out”. This feature would give the answers to above questions. Now you can figure out the operator, circle, signaling of any mobile number that is been used in India.

8. Manage App List
When you click on the “Menu Button”, you would get option to “Manage List”. You can add/remove the apps and keep the apps that you would like to use or get displayed when you open the app next time.

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