Easter Puzzles Pro


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"My Easter Puzzle"

  • Could be entertaining for kids
  • Ads are annoying in free version
  • Long to load

Rearrange the pictures and solve each puzzle

Easter Puzzles - A Blast is a tile swap puzzle game available for Android that is especially recommended for playing around Easter, as it features easter scenes with funny bunnies.

On the main menu, there are a series of images and your task is to choose one of them, which will then be disorganized. Try to rearrange the pieces so the result is exact as the image. Besides the pictures presented, you can also take your own and choose images from the Gallery to arrange.

The main problem we encountered when trying out Easter Puzzles is that the ads in the free version are extremely invasive and annoying, appearing every time you start a new puzzle game. Also, some of the pictures were not available for playing in the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which should be fixed as soon as possible.

Mokool Inc is the developer of Free Easter Puzzles and the Pro version, games which could be really fun for kids but still have a long way ahead. The interface should be more responsive.

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by Anna , Appszoom

Mar 20, 2013