Floatifications (Trial)

Floatifications (Trial)

100,000 - 500,000 downloads

  • Compatibility with other apps
  • Highly customizable
  • Ease of use (tap, drag and hold)
  • Original
  • Kik Messenger, Google Now not supported
  • It's a 30-trial, such a pity
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Expert's Review

"Floating around"

Reviewed by / Jul 09, 2013

Floating Notifications shows chat-head-like notifications on top of any app

We are now used to status bar notifications. However, that's not the only (or the best) way to display notifications on your smartphones. Rob J proposes a new way to do it, inspired by Facebook chat-heads and Paranoid Android: floating notifications that pop up on top of any app and can be moved anywhere you like in the screen (hold and drag), show its content and launch the app (tap and tap again content) or dismiss it (double-tap).

Floating notifications support almost any app with notifications installed in your device, except Kik Messenger and Google Now so far. However, users can set which apps they want to see floating notifications for by selecting them from the app notifications list. In addition, floating notifications appearances is fully customizable (size, color, content text font size, width,...), as well as its behavior.

An original and highly useful app that makes easier interacting with your mobile device.

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Developer's original description available here
Floatifications is a new and intuitive way to view your notifications. It can take a notification from any app and present it to you as a floating icon, similar to Facebook chat heads, but for any application. It even works in fullscreen mode (in Games, Youtube etc) and is fully customizable.

This is a full 14 day trial to give you plenty of time to get to grips with everything Floatifications has to offer :)

The unlocker can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=robj.floating.notificationsunlocker


For this to show you need to enable it per app, long press the last icon in the app list to see how.
Then in Settings choose if it should show in fullscreen, or non fullscreen apps. Or both :)

Themes for FN can be found both on the Play Store (search "FN Theme") or on XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2283623)

Any issues, requests or suggestions?
Follow us on Twitter (@FNforAndroid)
Like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/floatingnotifications)
Circle us on Google Plus (http://gplus.to/chatheads)
Get beta access by joining the community (http://gplus.to/fnbeta)
Or email us at support@iamrobj.com

Icon by FineTalent of XDA - http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=4841935


App integration - Android 4.2 or Lower
FN is not able to make notifications disappear from your status bar. An app cannot dismiss another apps notification.
However, if you want any of your favourite apps to either make their status bar notification disappear when you dismiss the corresponding Floating Notification, or vica versa, you can point them to this page where they can add Floatifications integration:

This is NOT Halo. There are no popups of full apps and nor will there ever be. If that is what you are after unfortunately you will not find it here.
HOWEVER, if you are running a custom ROM which supports Halo then you there is a setting to open any notifications from FN in a Halo window.

The extension library and wiki can be found here:

Samsung Owners
- Some Samsung devices might start reading aloud, this is a known Samsung bug, it is not something I can fix however a number of possible fixes can be found here: http://goo.gl/mnzjI And you can see Samsung's response to the issue here http://goo.gl/l1E3d
- Swipe keyboard input on some Samsung devices might stop working (typing only), again, this is a known Samsung bug, it is not something I can fix

If you receive no notifications
Do you have other accessibility services enabled? If so disable them, enable Floatifications, then re enable them. If this fails to work please email me and I'll help you set it up.

Known issues (not caused by this app)
- If you are on 4.2 and using the screen on option, when you phone is locked, instead of the usual screen timeout of 10 - 40 seconds (depending on device) it'll instead use your normal display timeout (the one you set in your display settings) - this could result in battery drain is your normal timeout is long ( >1 min)
- If you are on Sense 5 and using the lock screen option, any touch can unlock the phone, this is a known Sense issue

Recently changed in this version

Version 1.7.2
• Fixed missing app checkbox on some devices

Version 1.7
• Added new ticker notification type
• Added fullscreen only mode
• Added option to customize the gap between stacked icons
• Added option to unlink FN and status bar notifications (4.3+)
• Fixed app crashing on some devices when loading app list
• Fixed compatibility with many apps (PushBullet, Titanium Backup, Google Keep & more)
• Fixed pinned icon not showing on certain devices
• Fixed broken backup & restore

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Comments and ratings for Floatifications (Trial)
  • (67)

    by Leonardo Berrios on 23/08/2014

    Been using it for a while now, helps me keep track of stuff while gaming

  • (67)

    by Mark Jensen on 23/08/2014

    More notifications? Really? YES! This "Floatifications" app does more than just gimmicky notification bubbles. First, it allows you to add another level of importance to notifications. I only get floatifications for email, texting, and a handful of other apps vs. the myriad of regular notifications. Even better, the app allows you to preview emails and messaging without actually opening them - al

  • (67)

    by Naim Rahidin on 21/08/2014

    I've set floatification to not popup for certain apps (especially games) but it still pop up.

  • (67)

    by Vaishali Mulchandani on 20/08/2014

    i used to have this app and LOVED it- even paid for the unlock, did a factory reset, reinstalled the app set it up and now it's not giving me notifications on half of my apps that it was before. espn, cnn, bleacher report used to give their app updates via floatifications per my settings- now nothing. used to love it but probably going to uninstall if it can't give the functionality that i need :

  • (67)

    by Mehman Abdullayev on 20/08/2014

    Wonderful and very very useful app

  • (67)

    by Travis Mayne on 19/08/2014

    Great idea (like Halo) and works fairly well. However, even after not selecting "Google" notifications I still get notified - matter of fact every time I go into app notification settings "Google" is re-selected. When I tap to select a chat head notification the stack never closes again unless I select one that I hadn't cleared yet. I thought the auto-hide/fade was suppose to do this for me? - ver

  • (67)

    by ameya natu on 19/08/2014

    not able to show whatsapp ping texts... only shows as to who has sent the message.. not showing what the message is.