GO SMS Pro Violet Zebra Theme



Application to send messages with zebra fur theme. Names of contacts and sms in the preview are in white color. Each of contacts has icon which looks like purple wheel with pattern of snake skin. Menu of selected sms is also violet pattern of zebra fur, text of sms is violet on the light violet background. Screen of sms is in light purple color. Text of sms and name of contact are in dark violet color. Other elements are in shades of violet. If you like this theme please see our other application with pattern of zebra fur or other animals for example leopard. This app was made for people who love animals, especially these wild from Africa. The application is for free.

This theme requires GO SMS Pro application installed on your phone. You can download it for free from Google Play typing GO SMS Pro in search field.

This theme contains:
- absolutely free and nice
- message compose window have original violet zebra style.
- all letters are maching to background.
- we have created a beautiful set of icons to this theme. They are related to wild nature.

How to run our theme:
1.Download our GO SMS Pro Violet Zebra Theme for free
2.Open GO SMS Pro application and press MENU button.
3.Choose our Violet Zebra Theme and click apply.

How to change theme appearance:
1.Open GO SMS Pro application and press Menu button.
2.Choose Settings.
3.From settings tab select Advenced tab.
4.Press Appearance Settings
5.Set any option of our theme. You can set there:
-Conversation List appearance
-Conversation appearance
-Popup window appearance
-Text Font
-Reset to default settings.

Support - “Themes For Droid”:
If you need help with our theme please contact with us on email: themes.for.droid@gmail.com
Our support works only in the English language. Please contact us in this language because we will solve your problem easier.

Comments and rating:
If you want to help other users find our theme please leave comment and positive rating.
Before posting negative opinion please contact us. We can solve your issue in most cases and you will be happy using our theme without problems.

This application is supported by advertising. Permissions are for ads.

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