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iFont(Expert of Fonts)'s review

A handy way to discover new fonts and creative options

  • Lots of options
  • Clean user interface design
  • Automatic backup
  • Overlap on Disney font
  • Network error

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"Are You Looking For The Expert?"


iFont really thinks it is the expert of fonts. And while it definitely comes to the table with some serious bona fides, that doesn't mean it's not without its flaws. So, if you are looking for an option for fonts that has a good amount with a reasonable design, iFont is close to an expert.


There are a lot of options, from fonts you've never heard of to fonts in other languages. The user interface has a clean design and the menus are easy to get around. Automatic backing up of fonts means you'll never lose your settings should disaster strike.


There seems to be some letter overlap on the Disney fonts. There was a network error downloading a font when the network was clearly fine on the user's end.

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by William

Oct 16, 2015

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