Anime Speedlines LWP



Anime Speedlines is an anime (& Video Game) Inspired collection of Live Wallpapers. Based on the action backgrounds from classic anime's such as Pokemon and Dragon Ball, Video Games Like Street Fighter and comics books.

There are a Total of 10 different wallpapers in this collection including.
The Classic Speed Lines in:
- Orange
- Blue
- Green
- Purple
- Red
- Black & White
- Rainbow

+ Bonus Wallpapers
- A Water/Bubble Wallpaper
- A Forest/Leaf Wallpaper
- And finally a power Up/Aura Wallpaper

- Vibrant Wallpapers rendered in an OpenGL 2 Engine
- Gyroscope Controls
- Brightness Controls
- Vignette Mode
- Blur Effect
- Battery Efficient + A "Super" Battery Saving Mode.
- Speed Controls

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