Balloons LiveWallpaper



The app in landscape nunnaerineun Snowman
Live is to dance wallpaper application.

They appear on the screen, move the balloon touched the balloon burst
Each kind of fruit appear.

Screen appears when you click the various fruit smell,
We do not know what I can find some fruit
Bokbulbok games with your friends that you have more fun.

The screen horizontally and the display changes naerim partially blind.
Anoh eyes of the place when you touch a new balloon appears fives.

keyword: Sabaepo, snow, livewallpaper, a snowman,
balloons, each kind of fruit
(apples, pears, grapes, watermelon, melon, strawberries),
suchamttal, live background

Wind is a lot bunge recommendations.
Thank you.

Tags: balloons snow