Beautiful Forest



Beautiful Forest

Would you like to get a wallpaper of beautiful forest?
In response to a flick and drag, you can also draw a rainbow on the screen!

The forest that a lot of animals visit, the flowers are blooming, the rainbow forms to the sky at the daytime, and the stars are blinking at evening.

You can set presence or absence for animals and you can also adjust speed value for accelerates time in a day.
In addition, flick and according to operations such as drag, you can draw a rainbow curve by freehand on the screen.
Please enjoy the “beautiful forest” buy your own customize.

*Configurable items*
Display of the clouds, and the moving speed.
Display of the astronomical objects about the stars the moon and the sun. Can also set the number of visible stars.
Can choose display of the animals, and can select animals to display.
***The rabbit cannot hide.
Over time, the sky and the clouds will change its color. You can select turn on or off this effect.
Representation of the night, too. You can select 2 types of effects or effects off.
Note: TypeA is a gradation in the whole screen. TypeB is by dark objects.
You can change the value of the "accelerate speed" for a day time.
If you want to see as local real time view, it’s possible by set to off for the "time accelerates" check box.
For example, in the fastest setting, you can see a day in about one minute, to the evening from the morning.
By your freehand touch on the screen, drawing rainbow curve on it.
Also, you can select turn on / off this effect.
*** When the rainbow drawn, you cannot draw a new rainbow, until disappeared it completely.

* Animals *
Dog, Cat, Horse, Duck, Parrot, Crane, Rabbit

* Installation *
If your device are supported it, you can move app to the SD card. When your device's memory has been full, try move app to SD card.
When app had been moved to SD card, The app maybe will works unusually. For example,
when the device connected to PC with USB cable (mount on PC as SD card reader). Also when the device is rebooted. In that case, please reset the live wallpaper again.

* Note *
This app runs on Android 2.1 and more.
Recommended resolution:480x800 pixels or higher.
Tested devices:SO-01B, SO-01C, IS03,003SH, ISW11HT, L-06C, L-01D, SC-04D Nexus7

If the scroll controls has been customized by carrier, or the home screen has set smaller than 3 screens, it may not work properly with Android OS version recommended it.

When the "live wallpaper" has worked for a long time, it may slow whole system process.
In that case, please try to set again "Beautiful Forest" from the live wallpaper settings. There is a possibility to be improved by doing so.
After the purchase at first time, if you used it time within 15 minutes, the repayment is possible. Because its refundable, set to immediately after the download, and recommend that you check on your smartphone works.
If you cannot uninstall from "my apps" on the Android market, please try to uninstall from Android's settings.
[Settings] -> [Applications] -> [Manage applications] -> [Beautiful Forest].

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