Black Hole Live Wallpaper

Black Hole Live Wallpaper

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How universe could look like near a black hole?
Maybe this way...
Get smooth animated live wallpaper for your phone!
Features include:
- thirteen different spectacular effects,
- ten different textures from outer space,
- 13 x 10 = 130 different possible settings!
- works only when visible to save battery,
- optimized for GPU for smooth animation,
- LOW energy consumption,
- HIGH speed.

- Hit "Menu" or Longhold on your homescreen
- Select "Wallpaper"
- Select "Live Wallpapers"
- Choose ‘Black Hole Live Wallpaper’

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What is inside black hole?
At the center of a black hole as described by general relativity lies a gravitational singularity, a region where the spacetime curvature becomes infinite. For a non-rotating black hole, this region takes the shape of a single point and for a rotating black hole, it is smeared out to form a ring singularity lying in the plane of rotation. In both cases, the singular region has zero volume. It can also be shown that the singular region contains all the mass of the black hole solution. The singular region can thus be thought of as having infinite density.
Observers falling into a Schwarzschild black hole (i.e., non-rotating and not charged) cannot avoid being carried into the singularity, once they cross the event horizon. They can prolong the experience by accelerating away to slow their descent, but only up to a point; after attaining a certain ideal velocity, it is best to free fall the rest of the way. When they reach the singularity, they are crushed to infinite density and their mass is added to the total of the black hole. Before that happens, they will have been torn apart by the growing tidal forces in a process sometimes referred to as spaghettification or the "noodle effect".
This wallpaper tries to simulate possible space-time behaviour near singularity.

Based on shaders from Quilez's ShaderToy.
OpenGL ES 2.0 bindings used from:
Wallpaper is based on 'blurred lines':

Wallpaper, Live wallpaper, 3d wallpaper, realtime rendering

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Recently changed in this version

Performance optimiations for effects: tunnel, inversion, twister, sink and star.

Comments and ratings for Black Hole Live Wallpaper
  • (66 stars)

    by JIVESH ADHLAKHA on 05/07/2014

    Every time it stops in between and suddenly disappear! :(

  • (66 stars)

    by Gudspead Tomas on 22/06/2014

    Every time this app crashes I notice that my certain pics in my phone has become Kurupt and not visible so I'm out of here...

  • (66 stars)

    by Carolyn Martin on 14/06/2014

    It is amazing! The colors, the motion and rotations this app does is great!!! That's why i gave it five stars!

  • (66 stars)

    by Ivan Yanez on 10/06/2014

    Too fake, I would've liked the yellow nebula as it's suppose to be. Not with some weird effect

  • (66 stars)

    by McKenna Keenan on 06/06/2014

    Love it

  • (66 stars)

    by John H Myers on 05/06/2014

    Black Hole

  • (66 stars)

    by Keshav Kumar on 29/05/2014