Cellula live wallpaper (PRO)



Stunning particule animation and fully customisable.

Cellula is an Android live wallpaper which is fully adapted to both tablets and phone. It was tested on both an Asus Transformer and (a slower phone) LG OptimusOne. Get a great 3D animation effect on your phone or tablet!

This version let you customise:
* The color of the cells
* The speed at which cells are spawning on your screen (great for battery life)
* The cell type (Blood, living cell, no-pattern)
* Other features to come!

This app is optimized and will give you a better result on a high resolution screen (tablet or newer Android phone). Still, it was tester on older phone (see video of the LG OptimusOne).

PLEASE post your feedback, problems, ideas and do not hesitate to email me if you are having any issues!

For some tablet model, when the screen orientation is changed, the wallpaper looses it's proportion. Will be fixed as soon as possible.

Early stage : http://youtu.be/5rdJdi7VTcA
Cellula on tablet : http://youtu.be/8sJ-0MO8WsU
Cellula on phone (LG Optimus One) : http://youtu.be/ROq9h2zerz4
Stress testing : Coming soon!

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