Combat Aircraft: WW1



Combat Aircraft: WW1
This live wallpaper has 2 versions: a free ad-supported version and pay version.
See all planes of World War I flying through your screen!
You can see the air aces, including the plane of the great red baron triplane.
Select the stage and watch them fly over the sea and islands, or a blue or gray sky full of clouds.
Touch the screen to bring up the look, hold your breath, aim carefully, and shoot so that planes explode!
You can also view a score and your rank, every time a plane explodes scores a point.

Aircraft models available in this version:
-Bleriot XI
-Boeing F4B
-Breguet 14
-Breguet 19
-Bristol "Bulldog"
-Fokker D.VII
-Fokker Dr.I
-Hawker Hart-Hind
-Lohner - L
-Morane Saulnier N
-Sikorsky I.M.
-Sopwith "Camel"
Spad XIII-

Works in portrait and landscape modes, on phones and tablets.
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