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Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper

10,000 - 50,000 downloads

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Forest Live Wallpaper is a nice, relaxing wallpaper with trees blowing in the wind and a sky that changes from dusk till dawn.

Don't forget to go into settings to turn on things like weather, multisampling* or the 3D parallax effect*, if you don't wanna miss out!
* Not supported on all devices.

The screen is too dark at night!
There's a color setting called Night-time multiplier that you can change to a brighter color, making the trees and hills brighter at night. It's not the perfect solution, but it'll have to do until I (eventually) add a fix.

The weather is wrong! D:<
Make sure you have a location set in the location settings, then check if Recent weather data (via the menu in the weather settings) is available, up to date and for the correct location. If not, the weather provider is simply not accurate.

- Day/night cycle that fades colors from day to night, in accordance to your location.
- Animated trees.
- Local weather (wind, rain, snow and clouds, so far).
- Parallax effect with several layers when scrolling.
- 3D parallax effect when tilting the device.
- Customizable colors and weather.
- Stars.
- Mountains.
- Simulated scrolling.
- Clouds.

What to expect in the future?
- Infrequent updates (I'm lazy -_- )
- More weather effects (visibility, lightning...).
- And a lot more planned!


Used for fetching weather data from OpenWeatherMap. Can be changed in the settings and is turned off by default.

Used for getting an approximate location, which in turn is used for fetching local weather data and for calculating the sun's elevation.

Used for donations only.

Recently changed in this version

Bugfix - the front snow layer should now be visible again

Also *slightly* improved cloud performance.

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Comments and ratings for Forest Live Wallpaper
  • (72 stars)

    by Nathan Abrantes on 20/08/2014

    I got the app and went through everything the way i wanted but for some reason there is no "Set wallpaper" or anything anywhere. Ive checked about 6 times and cant figure out how to set it. I have looked up for help but i cant find anything. I just have an app called "Forest Settings." (I have the LG G3 btw.)

  • (72 stars)

    by Daniel Harding on 16/08/2014

    The 3d effect turns off and on randomly and I've tried resetting it and turning the setting on and off and nothing seems to help. But without that is still an amazing wallpaper.

  • (72 stars)

    by Erick Raul Borrayo Bustos on 14/08/2014

    Since I forgot to turn off my alarm the clock settings have been switched (day is now night an vice versa) using the all day schedule, anything to fix this?

  • (72 stars)

    by Cheng An Guo on 14/08/2014

    Works great on my Nexus 5!

  • (72 stars)

    by Mark Eads on 10/08/2014

    For people with weather issues. Openweathermap api is not 100% accurate and there's nothing that can be done. Its free to use and is accurate most of the time. So it might say it's raining when it's not or the other way around.

  • (72 stars)

    by AB Cruz on 07/08/2014

    Nicely done! If possible, someone should create extensions or add-ons to have various real or fantasy landscapes.

  • (72 stars)

    by Click Goglefob on 02/08/2014

    Optional different (randomized?) landscapes or even trees would be even more awesome. Same for visible/moving clouds and sun/moon.