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The Game of Life Live Wallpaper is a beautiful and customizable wallpaper based on Conway's Game of Life. The wallpaper features a grid of squares, which are cells in Conway's Game of Life. They live and die according to how many neighbors they have, resulting in a constantly changing live wallpaper.

Main features include:
-A widget that allows you to control the wallpaper directly from your home screen, so that you don't have to go into your system's wallpaper settings to change it.
-Customizability: You can select many different display modes, and you can even create your own color schemes. You can also select how large the squares are, and how fast the simulation goes.
-Always looks good: It'll look great on every phone, as it automatically sizes the squares to fit your screen. Also, if the simulation gets boring, it will automatically reset the simulation.
-Interaction: You can pause and edit the Game of Life simulation, so you can enter in your own patterns.

Widget Overview:

The widget is a unique feature of the Game of Life Live Wallpaper that saves you a lot of trouble when you want to edit the wallpaper's settings. There are four buttons on it:
-Reset Game: resets the Game of Life simulation
-Clear Cells: sets all of the cells in the simulation to dead
-Pause Game: pauses the simulation for you to edit the cells
-Settings: launches the settings menu for the wallpaper

Customizable Features:

The most customizable aspect of the wallpaper is how the squares are colored. You can select from five different display modes:
-Solid color: the cells are always one color that you choose
-By Cell Age: the cells are colored one of several colors in a palette depending on how many generations they've lived for
-By Time of Day: the cells fade between colors in a palette that are associated with certain times as the day progresses
-By Battery Power: the cells go from green to yellow to red as your battery's power decreases
-By Touch: the cells change color depending on where you touch the screen

The By Cell Age and By Time of Day display modes use color palettes, which are groups of colors that you can easily create, save, delete, and edit. They can be any number of colors you choose. In the By Cell Age display modes, new cells are the first color in the palette, cells that have lived two generations are the second color in the palette, and so on. In the By Time of Day display mode, special time palettes are used that associate the different colors with times of the day.

Other aspects of the wallpaper that you can customize include:

-Square/Cell size: There are four size options for the squares: Large, Medium, Small, and Tiny. Sizing algorithms make sure the squares always fit evenly in your screen.
-Simulation Speed: This controls how much time is taken to fade between each transition.
-Edge Wrapping: Controls whether or not the simulation wraps around the edges of the screen.
-Automatic Reset: Controls whether or not the simulation resets itself if it gets boring.

Simulation Controls:
-Pause: You can pause the simulation by either pressing the button on the widget, or tapping the screen with three fingers. Once paused, any cell that you tap will toggle between being dead and being alive.
-Clear Grid: From the widget or settings menu, clearing the grid will instantly set all of the cells to dead, clearing the screen.
-Reset: From the widget or settings menu, resetting the grid will reset the simulation to a new, randomized game.

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Recently changed in this version

-We couldn't reproduce the bug, but we think we fixed a bug that caused the wallpaper to crash when trying to preview it. If you keep getting this problem, please report it so we can keep working on it!
-Fixed a pretty easy-to-hit bug when deleting colors in the palette editor. The comment with the bug crash report helped a lot, so thanks to whoever sent that report!
-Other minor bug fixes

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