Japanesque -2- Live wallpaper



Live wallpapper of Japanese style with beautifull flower and girly pattern. 6 pieces of wallpaper are showing radomly.When you touch screen or put your finger on the position you like,then japanese style of flowers come out ☆

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Japanesque -1- Live wallpaper

To setup Live Wallpaper, long tap the blank space of HOME Screen (Desk Top), or from MENU, select [Setup Wallpaper] then select the Live Wallpaper you have already downloaded.
(Setup method may vary depends on the type of your device)

※Please use ver [Android 2.2] or over
※This Application works only on devices purchased in Japan. We are not guarantee Application will work on any device purchased outside Japan.

Tags: japanese style girly wallpaper , 和柄 ガーリー , 和柄 壁紙