US politics can sometimes be hard to grasp for even the least feeble-minded among us. In this fine product, we aim to provide a user-friendly, neutral and thorough guide to US politics that should be comprehensible for everyone, including fungi and french. In its simplicity, ObamaBall is an android live wallpaper where various political entities battle it out.

This sexy piece of code includes 10 aesthetic backgrounds and currently 11 politicians with their own preferred armament. However, if you plebs happen to enjoy this product, I will include more politicians in an upcoming version. Let me know who you'd like included, donate $$$ by buying the non-free version (which is identical to the free) and prey to whichever gods you prefer. Or not.

Mind you, the developer sacrificed nearly 4 years of his life and 7 of his daughters to complete this product ; nearly $200 000 was spent in the development and even twice the amount is saved for feeding the lawyers. If you have like $2 to spare, please buy ObamaBall - the non-free version! Help support 3rd world country developers from poor old Norway...

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