Storm (Live wallpaper) Donate


Storm (Live wallpaper) Donate's review

Bring the power of storm to your device's home screen

  • Fluid animations
  • Relaxing imagery
  • Different locations
  • How about even more locations?
  • Needs more cloud strikes
  • Battery drain

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"Shutter The Windows And Bolt The Doors!"


Do you like living wallpapers? Perhaps you also like to look at a good old storm. If so, Storm Live Wallpaper puts that power in the palm of your hand. Turn your home screen into a dynamic thunderstorm environment. With great visuals and realistic effects, you'll think the big one just arrived in your town.


Storm Live Wallpaper looks quite stunning, with fluid animations and realistic imagery. It's quite relaxing to gaze at for long periods of time. There are three different location settings so you aren't always looking at the same storm.


As many a live wallpaper goes, this will quickly drain your battery and hog your resources. How about more than three locations? More cloud strikes would be nice, as well.

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by William

Jan 15, 2016

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