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This is the Lite Version of the 'Monetize Your Music' App developed by Appytunes for the music album "Sumirran" by Bhuushan Maloo.

This App has:

- Information about the Album and the Artist with their social media links
- 2 minute sample of 'Shree Ram Naam Bolo' and 30 second samples of the rest of the songs
- Song Samples are in a lower mp3 format with lyrics, details, callertunes and comments (read only)
- 5 great Images which can be Saved, Set As Wallpaper or Shared through Skype, Google+, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and All Socially Integrated Apps
- Ability to Share the App Landing Page for Different Appstore locations with your friends
- Works on Android OS 2.1 onwards for both Phones and Tablets
- Runs fully without internet once loaded and opened

The Paid App is AD Free, Song is in a Higher 128kbps mp3 format and the app allows users to post comments on the app.

This album could be recorded only with the blessings and compassionate guidance of H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankarji. It consists of four tracks which are contemporary bhajans dedicated to the Guru and the Almighty, the God - may it be Ram or Rahim!

The first track "GURU STOTRAM" is a very Ancient and Traditional Stotra briefing about the Guru Lineage and about what a GURU is!

The 2nd track “Shri Ram Naam Bolo” is a beautiful melodious bhajan reciting all the God’s names giving a message that GOD IS ONE, only worshipped & named in different forms.

The 3rd track “Guru Om Guru Namoh Namaha” is a sweet bhajan about the Guru, being an embodiment of LOVE, PEACE, KNOWLEDGE & SERVICE and is composed with soothing western beats and instruments.

The 4th track “Mere Mann Mein Dil Mein Gurudev” beautifully composed with melodious music, says about the immense devotion of a devotee towards the GURU the MASTER.

Bhuushan Maloo the lead singer, guitarist, plays djambe, harmonica has arranged and composed the bhajans for the album. Bhuushan’s Concerts have drawn crowds of over 10,000 people in different parts of Maharashtra. He has been singing for people from all walks of life, right from Teenagers, Youth and the grown-ups through his satsangs. He has been travelling and singing since 8 years now spreading H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankarji’s message of Love, Peace and Belongingness.

Bhuushan met Guruji in 1999 after attending the Part 1 Workshop and since 12 years he has been an instrument spreading Sri Sri’s teachings being, a Yes+! and Part 1 Course Faculty. Years of his spiritual sadhana and commitment towards the Guru’s teachings has made him what he is today. This album is dedicated to the one and only H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankarji.


Album Credits:

Lyrics and Compositions - Bhuushan Maloo

Chorus - Ajit Vispute, Saurabh Daftardar, Megha Palkar and Mrunmai Ainapure

Tabla and Percussions - Parag Pandav

Flute - Satyajit Kelkar

Music Arrangement and Sequencing - Satyajit Kelkar

Recorded, Edited and Mastered by - Satyjit Kelkar, Pune.

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