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Touch Me Love You

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Simple just Do Touch Me Love You for your loved ones.
Do you want express, propose your love or do you want to love some one then simple install app "Touch Me Love You" and Set your dear name, Photo,Select love style Now Touch on your screen then you will get and express love on each touch.Touch me love you have express love using sound/music file.when ever you touch it will play/tell/express your selected love tones.By using this you can promise your love for promise day.
New feature "Love Bubble" this love bubble rotate/move on live wallpaper.Replace with you selected image for Love Bubble.
Touch Me Love You wallpaper which you can customize with your personal & selected Love Style, Love Tones(sound), background color Or Back Ground Images, random Theme/background changes, custom Photo of your sweet hart ,Set Name.
Using custom Image you can select image from gallery then after crop & edit your selected image, when ever you will click on screen then you will get personal Image with selected love style.New version coming soon then you can fun more.
Using Set Name you can set your loved one names then after on every click on your wall it will display this name and express,get love messages.
Using Love Style using this you will get love or express lope in 24 different varieties with variety of symbols like roses, flowers, gifts, messages, candles, teddy, Hart.

This application not only live wallpaper you can Express love for some one different types.Now Then you will get more love.Think different for express or remember your love.

Note: This Touch Me Love You is live wallpaper.To activate this, long press on a home , select Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Touch Me Love You.

Then After You chose Back Ground Color, Love Style ,Love Tones or Sound,Set name,set Photo and Set wallpaper.If you Don't want Sound then you can select Mute, this option is there settings->Kiss Sound->Mute.
For Setting you can find at "Touch Me Love You" Home Page & Click on Setting.

Now Background Image wall Select changed like image Gallery. New backgrounds Galaxy Note2 beautiful feathers, Galaxy S3 Dandelion are integrated.

It's a basic version.We are coming with new version for more love.
Now You will Enjoy with this one.

Share/send/Edit option for selected image.These below option for edit/make card.
Select option to different colors.Emboss style paint brush.Blur paint.Erase.Select Size option for paint painting & Instantly share to social networking, Mail, MMS, Bluetooth sharing after save painting.

This app especial for Propose Day and valentines Day Special effect for your loved ones.

This App Dedicated to Love

Tags: የያሲን ኑሩ ወንድም.

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New Backgrounds with new design.Now option for share/send/edit for selected background.

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  • (67 stars)

    by Prakash Mani on 25/07/2014

    So Sweet

  • (67 stars)

    by Madhvi Singh on 22/07/2014


  • (67 stars)

    by shaheda bano on 19/07/2014

    Lubaba Seid የኮሚቴው ቤተሰቦች በድብቅ ሴራ እየተደበደቡ ነው! የአዛን አንቲ-አህባሽ የመረጃ መረብ የያሲን ኑሩ ታናሽ ወንድም ወንድማችን ፋኢዝ ኑሩ ተጎዳ! የያሲን ኑሩ ታናሽ ወንድም ወንድማችን ፋኢዝ ኑሩ በከፍተኛ ሁኔታ እንደተደበደበና እንደተጎዳ የአዛን አንቲ-አህባሽ ምንጮች ገልፀዋል። ይህ ድብደባም ሆነ ተብሎ የኮሚቴዎችን ቤተሰቦች ለማጥቃት የተሰነዘረ እቅድ እንደሆነ ምንጮች ገልፀዋል። ወንድም ፋኢዝ በተክልሃይማኖት ሆስፒታል የሚገኝ ሲሆን ከአቅማቸው በላይ ስለሆነ አንቦላንስ ወደ ሌላ ይዞት ሊሄድ ነው። እንባዬ አልቆም አለ! ኢንሻ አላህ ትግላችን ወላሂ በድብደባ አይደናቀፍም። የኮሚቴውን ቤተሰቦች ማጥቃት ይ

  • (67 stars)

    by Halima Abdulalim on 15/07/2014

    Me love

  • (67 stars)

    by Pooja Soni on 14/07/2014

    Nice wall

  • (67 stars)

    by Vipin Kumar on 13/07/2014

    love is blind

  • (67 stars)

    by Chandrashekar Lm on 13/07/2014