Download Video Exposure Meter Video Exposure Meter icon

Video Exposure Meter

Video Exposure Meter will turn your phone into a reliable Exposure Met...

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Free 9 45.5K

9 Users
Download Exposure Meter Pro Exposure Meter Pro icon

Exposure Meter Pro

With Exposure Meter you can easily measure the environment light condi...

Similar app: Flash Meter

Free 8.8 2.8K

8.8 Users
Download Exposure Metering Scale Free Exposure Metering Scale Free icon

Exposure Metering Scale Free

Helps the photographer to set best values for Shutter and Aperture bas...

Similar app: Flash Meter

Free 10 1

10 Users
Download Lightmeter (exposure meter) Lightmeter (exposure meter) icon

Lightmeter (exposure meter)

The simplest instrument to measure the intensity of light (light expos...

Similar app: Easy Light Meter

Free 5.4 186

5.4 Users
Download WiFi Exposure Meter Free WiFi Exposure Meter Free icon

WiFi Exposure Meter Free

The explosive growth of wireless communications and especially the dep...

Similar app: WiFi Exposure Meter

Free 10 21

10 Users
Download Exposure Meter Exposure Meter icon

Exposure Meter

You can measure the exposure values by Incident-light or Refrected-lig...

Similar app: Rex Light Meter

Free 4.6 32

4.6 Users
Download Light Meter Light Meter icon

Light Meter

A functional Light Meter which is a useful tool for any serious photog...

Similar app: Light Meter Tutorials

Free 9.2 2K

9.2 Users
Download DOFLightmeter DOFLightmeter icon


Light meter with depth of field calculator. Requirement: Your device...

Similar app: Photographic Light Meter Beta

Free 7.6 198

7.6 Users
Download Photo Tools Photo Tools icon

Photo Tools

Photo Tools is the Android application, which has the simple interface...

Similar app: Photo Tools Full

Free 8.4 1.4K

8.4 Users
Download SmartLightMeterFree SmartLightMeterFree icon


Pictures would be good exposure meter! Measure your exposure anywhere,...

Similar app: SmartLightMeter

Free 6.4 215

6.4 Users
Download DSLR Remote Module DSLR Remote Module icon

DSLR Remote Module

DSLR Remote Module for Nikon and Canon. !!! WORKS ONLY WITH AN EXTERN...

Similar app: Flash Meter and Light Meter

Free 7.4 276

7.4 Users
Download LightMeter LightMeter icon


This is a photographic exposure meter. You can use the illuminance se...

Similar app: LxMeter

Free 4.2 24

4.2 Users

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